New phases in learning and communication

What does education look like in 2017? What are the goals and expectations of new students? These are my concerns and goals as a professional educator. 

Recently my learning partner and I had a chat about this very idea. We both come from technical backgrounds and are taking the PIPD program for similar reasons. We are both learning how to take years of experience and expertise and bring it into the modern day classroom. Even though we are living in different areas of British Columbia and are working in different vocations, there are many similarities to our goals. For example, take what we know and apply it to a new breed of students or how to use new technology with our work flow. Jamie Cote used an example of "Trends in Plant Operations" to explain how computer maintenance management systems can be connected to your smartphone. It is safer for overall operations and far more efficient than the old paper model. New students are going to be naturally tech savvy and able to quickly learn and use a system like this. 

The same with design and media students. Typically well versed in technology, but will need to find ways to transfer those skills specific skills into a business model. We have to bridge our experience with their technical abilities and teach communication. 

It is very exciting to be building new training platforms and developing new content for students. It is a necessary process in our lightening fast society. Working with a learning partner in a different industry offers us a chance to see how a similar lesson would translate in their classroom, and vice versa. It also gives me hope that changes in education are happening. 

Good luck to all my fellow PIPD educators on their journey.