Not dead yet.


"Most print newspapers in the United States will be gone in five years according to a new academic study." The first line from the Guardian story in a December 2011. 

They are definitely a bit off with their prediction. Here it is 2017, and sure there have been cutbacks and retirements, it definitely is grim, but there are still a lot of newspapers being printed and read. Advertising revenue is down, but a structure still exists. A structure that includes years of experience in research, editing, journalists, creatives, distribution and support staff. They are all being trained for digital platforms. 

Is there still hope? Well maybe. Good content. Trust. Unique ideas. Beautiful design and graphics. There is a market for lower end advertising, which is traditionally print. Your target audience is solid. Online advertising reach is bigger, but with little substance. So let's see what the next 5 years looks like for print media.