Hello, my name is Janet and I am graphic designer

I was born in Toronto before Youtube or Facebook. Since I was very young I loved to draw. Curious George, Bugs Bunny, Dr. Suess and Dr. Dolittle were all repeatedly borrowed from the public library. Growing up in Toronto in the 70's and 80's was a special time of transformation in music, arts, fashion and the media. In Toronto I went to George Brown College where I received a diploma in Graphic Design. During the punk rock era of the 1980's we were pretty edgy and redefined everything we possible could. Going to shows, taking photos, and making sharpie posters was a typical weekend in Toronto. Kensington Market, Queen Street West and after hours clubs were explosive creative scenes. I feel very lucky to have experienced that time and place in history.

Part II. When I moved to Vancouver in 1992 it was still a tiny small city. There was a huge boom in animation and video game production. Again, I was able to work with, and meet some brilliant creative individuals in those industries, plus take away another slice of creative experience. This was a time when you could still find an affordable apartment. 

Now it is 2017. After 20 years working in the media I can look back in awe of all the changes that technology has made in our everyday lives. There is only one solution. Keep trying new ideas, keep testing new designs and keep moving forward. I spend half my week at the Georgia Straight assigning photos and illustrations, and the other half of my week teaching young adults how to grow and learn how to be amazing designers. (The second part I can take no credit for, they are great to begin with)

Adapting to change and pushing for kindness in our world is my motto.